Switch And Socket factory

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Switch And Socket factory

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Company History
Hangzhou Assem Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of cable assemblies and wire harnesses as well as BS switches and sockets.
鈼?Hangzhou Assem was Established in 2007.
鈼?In 2008, Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and environment management system ISO 14001:2008 certifications were approved.
鈼?In 2009, a subsidairy company (Assem Electronic Gmbh) was founded in Berlin Germany.
鈼?In 2013, N.S.P.General Trading L.L.C was founded in Dubai.
鈼?In 2017, IOS 9001:2015 and IOS 14001:2015 were approved.
鈼?In 2018, a new factory was founded in Tonglu Hangzhou.

Our Factory
Hangzhou Assem Electronics Co.,Ltd is a premier researcher, manufacturer and exporter of CE, BS, GCC switch and socket, wire harness assembly. After established in 2007, the company quickly became one of the best supplier in the electrical field in China. Our factory has successfully achieved quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and environment management system ISO 14001:2015 certifications. The accreditation is a great endorsement to Assem 鈥檚 quality control system. Customers can have the confidence that our manufacturing processes are carried out to the high standards required by UKAS and our products meet the international standards.

Our Product
1. Switches and sockets:
鈥?Light switches
鈥?Sensor switches
鈥?Sockets with BSI, ITS and GCC standard
2. All kinds of wire harnesses, especially for following sectors:
鈥?Mechanic/ machines

Product Application

Factory buildings, Hospital, Laboratory, Residential Buildings.
Wire harness:
Machines, Automotive, Robotic, Energy, Building, Medicine.

Our Certificate
Assem's products have been certificated of CE, BS, GCC.
Complied with the standard


Electric sockets
BS1363, GB2099, BS 546, VDE0620 and ICE60884

Data sockets

Switched sockets
BS4177 BS1363

Production Equipment
鈥?Tensile tester
鈥?Swing tester
鈥?Salt spray tester
鈥?Load tester
鈥?Impedance tester
鈥?Glow wire tester
鈥?Light switch mechanical life time tester
鈥?Temp. & humidity

Production Market
Assem has always been expanding the global market and enhancing our reputation as one of China鈥檚 leading electrical products manufacturers. We believe Assem can be a famous global company that truly cares for its customers, employees, society and environment.

Our Service
Our Promise to you:
* We value customers鈥?demand and requirement more than anyone else.
* Strengthen quality control system comprehensively.
* Provide customers high standard products and professional services.Switch And Socket factory