Graphite Crucible suppliers

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Graphite Crucible suppliers

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Our History
As a professional manufacturer of graphite mold, HuiXian City Mishan Graphite Jip Co. Ltd is established in 2009. We have more than 10 years experience.

Our Factory
Located in China, Henan Province, Xinxiang City, HuiXian City Mishan Graphite Jip Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of carbon & graphite products. We are engaged in manufacturing, researching and selling all kinds of graphite products, such as EDM graphite mold, graphite rod, graphite block, graphite crucible, graphite plates and graphite flakes. We have import & export many countries, such as Russia, India, USA, Israel, etc.

Our Product
Graphite Mold, Graphite Rod, Graphite Crucible, Graphite Block, Graphite Plate, Graphite Electrode, Graphite Flakes, Graphite particle.
TypeVolume DensityElectric ResistivityThermal Conductivity (100鈩?Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (indoor temperature-600鈩?Shore HardnessBreaking StrengthCompressive StrengthElasticity ModulusGas Hole RatioAsh ContentPurification of AshGranularity

Product Application
The main products is graphite mold/moulds, high pure graphite rod, graphite block, graphite crucible, graphite sheet, graphite flakes, graphite electrodes, etc.
Our Products are widely used in lightning protection, heat treatment, super-hard material, bearing, Non-ferrous metal casting, electro-spark processing, electronic semi-conductor, mechanical sealing, photovoltaics, glass and ceramic, automobile, carbon brush, etc. Our main products include electrode plate for surge protective device, graphite boat, graphite crucible, graphite bar, graphite mould, graphite crystallizer, mechanical sealing ring, graphite bearing, carbon bar, carbon plate, carbon disc, graphite connectors, graphite seal, carbon brush for all kinds of motors, lug plate spring, etc.

Production Equipment
We have complete carbon & graphite product production line with reasonable production process and advanced equipment, such as digital lathe, miller, driller, CNC numerically controlled machine tool, numerical-control engraving machine, etc. There are many senior engineers, professional technicians and hundreds of skilled production workers in our company. We support professional technical solution & Services.

Our Commitment
To Supply drawing and technical assistance.
Suitable price and fast Delivery.
24 Hours on line After- sale.Graphite Crucible suppliers